Learn To Fly 2

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learn-to-fly-2Learn To Fly 2 game is a follow of the very popular game series of Learn to fly. The game play is very simple and entails trying to get your penguin as high as possible in the sky. The higher altitudes you reach, the duration of flight and the speeds you reach enable you to earn game dollars. The game controls are simple and entail the usual left, right, up and down. The space bar is also used where the penguin needs boost.

When it comes to story modes the leartofly2.info game offers three modes from which to choose breaking the monotony of a single story mode. This is also good because the game is much longer than the predecessor offering longer play time. The three modes story, classic and arcade modes the ones offered. Story mode simply entails the normal game with various obstacles adding a new element or feature to the previously simple game. The story mode offers 35 challenges with one the most game medals and buying of bonus items in the shop.

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The classic game mode on the other hand is similar the one offered in the first game with no obstacles and gimmicks. The mode is rather simple and one is required to get the penguin as far as possible. The arcade mode has three different budgets and one simply needs to get the highest score for each of them.

Learn To Fly 2 game is very addictive because of its simplicity and wanting nature. The game will simply cause to play more and more until you have unlocked something or beaten a previous set score. Things to unlock are numerous causing you to devote most of you time playing the game while ensuring the game takes long to complete. The game like most of its counterparts in the flash game market works on an unlock basis whereby you complete one level before proceeding and also one mode at a time. You can only start with story mode followed by classic then the arcade one. This is great because it causes the Learn To Fly 2 game to make you want more throughout.